Jordi Masip and Real Valladolid They have managed to win six of the last seven games, plus the draw against Levante. This is partly thanks to the lock he has put Jordi Masip in his goal. Since the match in Ferrol, where the Blanquivioletas were surpassed and lost (2-0), the Pucelano team has chained a series of fabulous results supported by great defensive work Which means that in these seven games, Masip has only had to collect the ball from his goal once, against Eibar. Since then they have passed 628 minutes without Real Valladolid conceding gol.

The figure is important because it remains 18 minutes (646) of a new blanquivioleta record that Jordi Masip himself established two seasons ago. That is to say, If Masip and Real Valladolid reach that minute with a clean sheet in the match against Espanyol, they will surpass the marks and it will be a clear sign that the team has achieved unprecedented defensive strength. Of course, it will still be very far from the absolute record set last season by José Antonio Caro (goalkeeper also of the TwoFive squad) with Burgos when he reached 1.293 minutes without conceding a goal.