The determination to push the limits.

The story behind the #25

Our value proposition

TwoFive born as the culmination of the concept #alternativegoalkeeping.

In Spain, the brand's country of origin, the goalkeeper's numbers have always been 1 (starting goalkeeper) and 13 (substitute goalkeeper). The 25 was predestined for young goalkeepers who had just come up from the academy or third goalkeepers, representing the alternative to the other two numbers.

Inspired by legends

Constant evolution, challenging the limits

Historic goalkeepers such as Iker Casillas or Víctor Valdés began to earn the position with number 25 and worked their way to become legends of two of the best teams in the world.

Passion for goalkeeping

Innovating from experience

El #alternativegoalkeeping represents that spirit. The illusion of being under the sticks with the determination to overcome existing limits. The work in search of perfection to bring the best to the world of goalkeeping.

Our Values


Anyone who wears some goalkeeper gloves and dares to defend the goal deserves all our recognition. From little ones playing on concrete to the great legends in the stadiums. We are all united by the same vocation.

Social conscience

Contribute to making a better, fairer world together with equality of opportunities for all. We intend to have the same number of men goalkeepers than women keepers sponsored.


We know what a goalkeeper feels and how special it is to choose the perfect glove. Thus the attention is always personal and at all times we will advise you on what you need.


Anything we do in life must be done with passion to ensure the best possible outcome. We are passionate about goalkeeper gloves and we are proud of seeing you enjoying goalkeeping. It's the perfect combination!

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