The finals are coming kings league and queens league in the Metropolitan Civitas. After 11 days and some exciting round of 4 and quarterfinals, there have been 4 teams from the Kings League and XNUMX teams from the Queens League that have managed to qualify for the finals at the Civitas Metropolitano, home of Atlético de Madrid.

In key TwoFive, we will be very well represented in both categories. In the Kings League, the men's competition, we have a representative TwoFive in the 4 final teams, with which a goalkeeper (or even two) will be champion of the second Split of the Kings League InfoJobs. the goalkeepers TwoFive that will represent the brand in Civitas are:

· Marc Briones (FC swine)

· Sergi Aguilar (The neighborhood)

· Ivan Fajardo (The neighborhood)

· Pol Zapata (FC Annihilators)

· Xavi Morales (FC Annihilators)

· Adri Guitérrez “Capi” (X Buyer Team)

In the women's competition, we will have two representatives TwoFive in these early Queens League finals:

· Nuria Gonzalez (CF IOP)

· Anna Armengol ( Trunks FC)

From TwoFive We want to wish you all the best of luck and remind you that you are fulfilling a dream and therefore the most important thing is that you enjoy the experience. We are very proud of you.