Yesterday the first "Split" in the history of the kings league with the victory of Neighborhood, the team TwoFive of the competition, in an impressive day held at the Spotify Camp Nou with the presence of more than 90.000 fans in the stands.

The presence you have had TwoFive and our gloves in this first season of the Kings League is something unique and incredible. To do this, we go with some data that show the incredible performance of the brand and also of all the goalkeepers who have represented us in an unbeatable way in this magical competition:

· 131 matches played among all the goalkeepers #TwoFiveSquad in this first Split of the Kings League.

Games played

· Gloves TwoFive have been present at the 73 matches that have been played in this first Split.

· 55 Penalties Shootout stopped by the goalkeepers TwoFive.

Standing Shootout Penalties

· 16 penalties normal stopped by goalkeepers TwoFive.

normal penalties stopped

· 4 goals scored by goalkeepers TwoFive.

goals scored

· 10 SIMYO MVP nominations for goalkeepers TwoFive in this first "Split" of the Kings League.

Simyo MVP of the Day

· 7 goal assists of goalkeepers TwoFive.

goal assists

We are very proud of all the goalkeepers who have represented the brand in this first "Split" in the history of the Kings League InfoJobs. You have all risen to the occasion and have transmitted passion and sportsmanship, values ​​that we want to be associated with. TwoFive.

Thank you very much to all: Daniel Perez, Marc Briones, Ivan Fajardo, Pol Lettuce, José Segovia, Victor Cocera, Adrian Gutierrez, Iu Morral, Ricardo Lopez, Jorge Ibanez, Joan Canet y Pol Zapata. See you in the second Split.

PD: Congratulate the Barrio, the winning team of the Kings League sponsored by TwoFive. We are also very proud to have been able to accompany you on this incredible and historic journey.