Jose Antonio Caro placeholder image, goalkeeper of the #TwoFiveSquad, returns to Burgos to sign for the Burgos CF after terminating the contract with the Real Valladolid. After 3 years owned by Valladolid with 3 consecutive transfers (Albacete, Ponferradina and Bugos), the Andalusian goalkeeper signs a new contract with Burgos with which he is linked until 2024 with the Burgos.

HA Expensive In this way he will play his second season at the Plantío defending the colors of Burgos, after already being goalkeeper for the Burgos team in 21-22. Jose Antonio Caro has already accumulated more than 110 games in the Second Division, being a young goalkeeper but with great experience and personality.

From TwoFive We wish you the best of luck in this new challenge and we are glad to know that our goalkeeper gloves TwoFive They will continue for another season in your hands at LaLiga Smartbank. We are very happy that you share the goal with another member of the #TwoFiveSquad, Dani Barrio. Burgos could not be in better hands.

Good luck JA Caro!