IT'S OFFICIAL NOW! JACaro and his gloves TwoFive they have broken the historical unbeaten record for Spanish professional football. "Churripi" has surpassed the 1.276 minutes of unbeaten time that Abel Resino had since the 1990/1991 season.

JA Expensive He has reached the 79th minute of the match without conceding a goal, until Elady, a Tenerife player, ended the unbeaten goal of the Andalusian goalkeeper through a penalty. In this way, «Churripi» has left the new unbeaten record in 1.293 minutes.

It is a complete pride that gloves TwoFive become part of the history of Spanish football. Thank you "Churripi" for letting us be part of this achievement. HA Expensive he was one of the first professional goalkeepers to wear gloves TwoFive and today is the history of Spanish football with them. It is a dream come true!