They come to TwoFive the new 2022 designs of an iconic line for the brand; the line of Austria-Switzerland 2008. This collection honors the 2008 European Championship and 3 of its venues: Vienna, Basel y Bern. That event changed the history of Spanish football. La Roja displayed spectacular football to cement what would end up being a glorious era for the national team. With a victory by the minimum thanks to the goal of Fernando Torres in the final of the tournament against Germany, the team coached by Luis Aragonés was proclaimed champion of Europe, making the whole of Spain vibrate when Iker Casillas raised the trophy to the sky of Vienna.

For lovers of goalkeeping, this European Championship was special, since great goalkeepers played the tournament starring in spectacular moments and saves. An example of this is the great Peter Cech, Iker Casillas, Rüştü Reçber or Gigi Buffon.

In Bern, one of the event venues and a new model replica that reaches the collection, the matches of what was known as the group of death formed by Holland, Italy, Romania and France were played. At Stade de suisse from Bern played great goalkeepers like Buffon, Van de Sar o coupe , all of them dressed in black or green; colors that we find in the new Berna'08 Replica.

As for the two PRO models in this collection, the Vienna'08 Pro y Basel'08 Pro, both honor two of the most important venues of the event that received the privilege of experiencing the semifinals and the final of the European Championship.

Regarding the technical specifications, the Vienna'08 Pro and Basel'08 Pro they only suffer a color variation with a greater presence of white on the back of the glove. Here we can observe the evolution of both models in relation to the gloves from the past collection.

They will continue to be gloves in court Negative with internal gel Anti-Slip and with technology 3D Rubber Reinforcement on the back to mitigate the impact in fist actions. Both models will use palms ContactGrip.

One of the most important changes appears in the new model Replica, Bern'08. Like his two companions in the collection, he will be a cut-mounted model. Negative and with technology 3D Rubber Reinforcement. The great novelty appears in the closure of the glove since it will use technology Strapless Fit Technology, thus being a glove with optional closure strips that fits perfectly to the wrist. The back material is Mesh, an elastic fabric that adheres perfectly to the hand, giving the goalkeeper a second-skin feeling. 

It is time to step up and join the #TwoFiveSquad from the hand of a glove and a flagship event of the brand!