new glove ADVANCE llega a TwoFive… Black Warsaw'12 is a reality. A glove in honor of the 2012 Ukraine-Poland Euro Cup and one of the main venues: the National Stadium in Warsaw, a venue that experienced great moments in a historic Euro Cup for Spanish football.

historic moments

Before talking about the technical part of this new glove, as always, we will talk about the aesthetic part and the relationship with history. The National Stadium in Warsaw was the venue where part of the Group A matches made up of Poland (the host), Greece, Russia and the Czech Republic were played. In the opening game in warsaw between Poland and Greece there was one of the most iconic moments of the Eurocups as far as the goal is concerned. What happened? The game ended in a draw thanks to the save of a penalty from Przemysław Tyton, substitute goalkeeper from Poland who came onto the pitch due to the expulsion of Szczesny in the final stretch of the match.

expulsion of Szczesny in the opening match between Poland and Greece.
Another iconic moment experienced in Warsaw was the second semifinal of the tournament. A tough match between Germany and Italy in which "La squadra Azzurra" certified their passage to the final. In this match we were able to see two of the great goalkeepers of the tournament, New y Buffon, both dressed in red, a touch of color that we see subtly in the new Black Varsovia'12 Advance.
Manuel Neuer and Gianlugi Buffon after the semi-final in Warsaw

Regarding the technical specifications, the Black Warsaw'12 llega a TwoFive to expand the offer of the new range ADVANCE, a range that is characterized by offering high-quality gloves with very good grip palms at a somewhat lower price compared to gloves PRO. Bill Black Warsaw'12 Advance it's a glove with a palm ContactGrip with great grip, negative cut and a highly durable synthetic latex back. In addition, it has the technology Anti-Slip made up of small silicone dots inside the glove that cancel out any possible micro-movement of the hand.

Ultimately, it comes to TwoFive a TOP performance glove at an exceptional price. It's a good time to join the #TwoFiveSquad.