The new ones are here Argentina'78 that come to TwoFive giving life to 4 major World Cup venues: Buenos Aires'78 – Mendoza'78, both PRO gloves, and Rosario'78 – Cordoba'78, both gloves from the ADVANCE range. In this way, a new line and a new event arrive TwoFive, Argentina, a country in which the brand is growing noticeably and where they experience football in a different way from the rest.

In parts, the two PRO models (Buenos Aires and Mendoza) honor two of the main venues of the event. The Buenos Aires Model, capital of Argentina, dresses in albiceleste, colors present in the Argentine flag. Mendoza, for its part, played great games with the Brazilian team, third classified in the World Cup, with its peculiar yellow kit; predominant color in the model TwoFive.

The ADVANCE models (Rosario and Mendoza) are blackout and whiteout editions respectively. All models in this new line from Argentina share the same cut; ERGOROLL. They are very comfortable gloves, fitted with latex plates on the back and palm. GIGAGRIP in PRO and SUPERSOFT on ADVANCE models.