A great novelty comes to TwoFive… the first line of gloves that will honor the memory of a sporting event never before present in the brand… an Olympics; More specifically, the Olympics Atlanta'96.

The Olympics are one of the most important sporting events on our planet. Great moments of sport have been experienced in Olympic competition in addition to being a special month for all athletes as there is a climate of brotherhood, sportsmanship and sports defense of your country. For all these values, the Olympics had to be present in the collection of TwoFive.

Atlanta'96, the next Olympics after Barcelona'92, were special. Great sporting milestones were experienced in Atlanta, among which the victory of the Nigerian team, the Eagles, in the soccer discipline stands out. Nigeria beat Argentina in the final 2-3 to win their first Olympic gold.

Therefore, the new Atlanta'96 Pro which come in two versions, the normal one (Pink) and the WhiteOut (White) have a border on the back that is reminiscent of the typical kits of the Nigerian soccer team.

Gloves improved in relation to their predecessors and that many of you asked to be present again in the collection of TwoFive. Gloves in ErgoRoll cut, ContactGrip palm for maximum grip and a comfortable and modern backhand.