Comes to TwoFive a very special new model; the Barcelona'82 Pro. This new glove is a special edition within the Spain'82 line in which, using the same ethyl and pattern as the rest of the event gloves, the aesthetics of the inserts on the back have been changed, recalling the famous "Trencadís" of Gaudí, representative element of the city of Barcelona.

From TwoFive we wanted to launch this special edition in honor of Barcelona, a city that saw the birth of the brand and which hosted the 1982 World Cup in Spain, hosting major matches at the Camp Nou and the Sarrià Stadium. As mentioned above, the aesthetics of the glove honor a very characteristic architectural element of Barcelona, Gaudí's famous trencadís. By means of rubber inserts on the back that follow the same morphology as the rest of the models in the line of Spain'82, a "Trencadís”With blue tones in honor of the Italian and Argentine national teams, both with blue outfits, who played great games in the group stage at the legendary Sarrià Stadium.

If we focus on the technical specifications of the glove, we first highlight its revolutionary closure with technology Double strap consisting of two closure strips that interlock at the back of the glove, freeing the back of seams or interferences. Like the rest of the Spain'82 collection, the Barcelona'82 Pro is mounted on a cutaway Hybrid-Roll Negative which provides a great fit. On the back we find the technology 3D Rubber Reinforcement that helps by improving the impact of the ball in punt actions. Finally, the palm is made of 4mm of natural latex ContactGrip They provide a professional performance grip.

We are deeply proud to announce the official launch of this special edition that honors Barcelona, ​​its culture, its history and its people. TwoFive was born in Barcelona more than 2 years ago in a project full of ideas and enthusiasm and this launch is a gift both to the brand itself and to the #TwoFiveSquad. Thank you once again for trusting us and selflessly supporting the #alternativegoalkeeping.