Another novelty comes to TwoFive hand in hand with a new city that will accompany the Vienna'08 in the event corresponding to the 2008 Austria-Switzerland Eurocup in which the Spanish National Team was crowned champion. In this way they reach TwoFive the new ones Basel'08 Pro, gloves that take over from the old Lyon'19 Pro by inverting the colors and highlighting the brand's name and logo a little more.

Regarding the technical specifications of the glove, the Basel'08 Pro are cut-mounted gloves Negative that provide a feeling of perfect fit to the hand. Between the fingers has a layer of Mesh breathable that facilitates the ventilation of the glove and a better mobility of the fingers.

The back is made of neoprene, a material resistant to all weather conditions, and has the technology 3D Rubber Reinforcement in the finger and knuckle areas to improve punch clearances. The palm is made of German latex ContactGrip 4mm, an exact material used by our professionals in their garters. Regarding the closure, the Basel'08 Pro have an elastic strap with a full back closure that adjusts perfectly to different wrist sizes.

In this way we give continuity to one of the star gloves of the collection by modifying aesthetic aspects and improving certain technical points in relation to the old Lyon'19 Pro. 

Let's hope you like it as much as we do !!!