Very happy to announce the arrival of the new line of Korea-Japan '02 gloves in honor of the 2002 World Cup that left us so many great and iconic moments. In this new line we can find 4 models: 3 of them Pro (Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul) and one Advance model (Kobe).

The 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan is one of the great World Cups in history that leaves us with great historical memories such as Ronaldo's transgressive haircut or the "suspicious" refereeing that Spain received against the host, Korea.

En Tokyo (Yokohama International Stadium), one of the venues in Japan, group E, Group G and Group H matches were played; being a Japan vs. Russia with a local victory the most outstanding match. The grand final of the tournament between Germany and Brazil was played on this stage, a match that ended with the victory of the “Canarinha” by 0-2. In that final, Oliver Khan, Germany's goalkeeper, made a mistake in a block that allowed Ronaldo to score the first goal of the final. You know, the goalkeeper must live with the error.

Oliver Khan and Ronaldo in the 2002 final

El Osaka'02 Pro honors the Nagai Stadium, a stadium that hosted some group F and H matches and some historic quarterfinals between Senegal and Turkey, two of the revelations of the tournament. The African team visited in white, a color present in the new Osaka. The two goalkeepers for those quarterfinals were Tony Sylva and Rustu Receber.

The Seoul honors the World Cup Stadium in Seoul, one of the main Korean venues for the World Cup. In this stadium, matches from Group A, Group C and the semifinal between Germany and the big surprise of the tournament were played… The host: South Korea. The gloves honor the kit that visited Korea with those blue and pink/red touches that we will always remember.

Finally, we have the Kobe'02 Advance, the only glove in the mid-range line that honors the Estadio de las Alas that hosted legendary matches such as Brazil vs. Belgium in the round of 02. Brazil defeated a great Belgium in full red, the color that predominates in the new Kobe'XNUMX Advance.