The new line of Spain'82 for 2021. Spain'82 was born as a tribute to the World Cup that was played in the national territory in 1982 and will have 3 models of gloves, two of them receiving the name of two new World Cup venues in TwoFive; Valencia and Vigo. Therefore, the Spain'82 collection will have the following three models: Madrid'82, Valencia'82 y Vigo'82.

The technical specifications are the same for the 3 models mentioned above, only changing the visual aspect. In relation to the previous collection, the model is maintained Madrid'82 respecting the color red, a hue associated with Spain in football terms. 

El Valencia'82 It will have a black base and a touch of orange, a color present in the Mestalla stadium, home of the '82 World Cup. Finally, the Vigo'82, has a white base and blue touches, both on the back and on the palm, inspired by Balaídos, headquarters of the '82 World Cup. In addition, the color blue is a very representative color in the Galician sports culture present in two of the great teams of Galician soccer; Deportivo de la Coruña and Celta de Vigo.

If we focus on the technical specifications of the Spain'82 gloves, we first highlight their revolutionary closure with technology Double strap consisting of two closure strips that interlock at the back of the glove, freeing the back of seams or interferences. The three Spain'82 models are mounted in a cut Hybrid-Roll Negative which provides a great fit. On the back we find the technology 3D Rubber Reinforcement that helps by improving the impact of the ball in punt actions. Finally, the palms are made of 4mm of natural latex ContactGrip They provide a professional performance grip.

With this launch we continue to improve our collection of gloves and demonstrate our commitment to the modern and revolutionary, always without leaving behind those goalkeepers with more classic tastes. Spain'82 is the culmination of many hours of work and testing also helped by the opinion of our professional goalkeepers after they used them in their training sessions.