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The new ones are here Johannesburg'10 Pro of 2021. In TwoFive we wanted to give aesthetic continuity to one of the brand's most iconic gloves by modernizing it a bit without neglecting its essence. The name of the glove honors the city that hosted the 2010 World Cup final (South Africa World Cup); final in which the Spanish National Team defeated the Netherlands in extra time thanks to Iniesta's historic goal. In that final there was another great moment starring Iker Casillas; we talk about his saving foot to Robben's shot that ended up being a historic stop for Spanish football. Our little tribute to that stop was to give the glove a greenish color in honor of the kit that “El Santo” wore in that final in Johannesburg. 

Regarding the technical specifications of the glove, the new Johannesburg'10 Pro comes with a radical change in relation to its predecessor leaving behind the neoprene back to bring TwoFive the first glove mounted on Knit, an elastic fabric that adheres perfectly to the hand, giving the goalkeeper a second-skin feeling.

The negative cut in the 10 Johannesburg'2021 Pro and the palm with latex ContactGrip with a professional performance grip. Another novelty of the glove is the closure which goes from being a natural latex strip to a full back elastic strip. 

Technology is kept on the back 3D Rubber Reinforcement with rubber inserts in strategic areas that mitigate the impact of the ball during punches clearance actions. The internal gel is also still present Anti-Slip, technology that reduces micro-movements of the hand inside the glove. 

The Johannesburg'10 Pro It is one of the historical gloves of our brand, and it is a model that was already present in the first collection of TwoFive, always maintaining a green hue and an aesthetic with African airs. We are sure that #TwoFiveSquad you will like this new glove; a glove with great technological revolutions within the brand but that preserves the DNA of the Johannesburg'10 model.

It is time to step up and join the #TwoFiveSquad hand in hand with a signature glove of the brand!