The news does not stop TwoFive!! Now it's about the new Köln’20 Pro y Pressboa'20 Pro 2021. The line UEFA Leagues 2020 It will continue to have two gloves with an ultralight profile, a style highly requested by today's goalkeepers due to its great fit and lightness. The names of these two gloves honor the venues of the two European competitions, the Champions League and the Europa League, in a year as complicated as 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Lisbon and Cologne were the venues where Bayern de Munich and Sevilla were proclaimed champions of the Champions and the Europa League respectively.

Both gloves maintain the technical specifications of their predecessors, thus continuing with a negative cut great fit, a neoprene back, a palm gigagrip and with technology 3D Rubber Reinforcement on the back. 

Regarding the visual aspect, the Lisbon'20 Pro it abandons the white color to incorporate black in the upper part of the glove and on the palm, and blue, a color associated with the Champions League, in the lower part of the back.

In turn, the Köln’20 Replace blue with electric green and insert black at the top of the glove and on the palm. 

En TwoFive we are very happy with the performance offered by the line UEFA Leagues 2020. The feedback received from both our professional goalkeepers and clients has always been very positive and for that reason we have opted for a very continuous line of work, providing a little more aggressiveness in the aesthetic design of the glove. 

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