The new ones are here Malaga'82 Pro, one of the most anticipated gloves of the season. We know how much you like the line of Spain'82 and for this reason we have created a new model that further expands the offer of this very light and comfortable style of glove.

Thus, it comes to TwoFive a new headquarters, Málaga. In this Andalusian city, great moments of the 1982 World Cup in Spain were experienced. The La Rosaleda stadium was the home of part of the matches pertaining to group 6 made up of great teams such as Brazil, the Soviet Union, Scotland and New Zealand.

Malaga was the setting where we could see Scotland play the most, a team that dressed in dark navy blue, the predominant colors in the new model of TwoFive. In addition, La Rosaleda was a magical venue, since in few fields so many goals were experienced in so few games (14 goals in 3 games).

The touch of green on the glove is a small nod to the Andalusian and Malaga flags, both with the presence of that colour. The combination of navy blue with green makes the Malaga'82 Pro a modern and visually attractive glove.

Regarding the most technical part of the glove, the Malaga'82 Pro They come to the collection being an exact copy of their two line companions: Barcelona'82 Pro and Madrid'82 Pro. It is a model with palm ContactGrip maximum grip, internal gel Anti-Slip, court Roll-Negative Hybrid of great comfort and removable closure strip.

We hope you like this new model as much as we do!!