The new ones are here Valencia'82 2024. A new model arrives from one of the brand's most important lines. The España'82 line was born as a tribute to the World Cup that was held in the national territory in 1982 and now has 3 models of gloves in honor of three Spanish venues and cities: Madrid'82 Pro, Barcelona'82 Pro and now Valencia'82 Pro.

As you well know, in TwoFive We take great care of the details and for this reason, all gloves receive names and/or an aesthetic that honors the event of the line in question. In addition, this new collection of España'82 Pro are the brand's first gloves manufactured in EUROPA. Manufacturing "at home" was a primary objective for us and we are very proud to be able to affirm that the new España'82 Pro are gloves designed in Spain and manufactured on European soil, which reduces the carbon footprint and makes them one of the few Spanish gloves made in Europe.

Regarding its history and design, the new Valencia'82 Pro They honor a city with a great football culture and one of the main venues for the tournament. In Valencia, the matches of Group 5, the Spanish group, took place. There we were able to see the team's debut against Honduras that ended 1-1. Valencia's colors are a small tribute to Mestalla, the house that hosted the World Cup matches in the Valencian capital, giving it a black and orange touch so characteristic of the city's local team.