Very happy to be able to formalize a new addition to the family of the #TwoFiveSquad. Simone colombi, Italian goalkeeper who is currently active in the Parma for the Serie B Italian, joins TwoFive.

The current Parma goalkeeper shares a goal with one of the greatest in history; Gianluigi Buffon. The incorporation of Simone a TwoFive It will allow us to have a new sponsored goalkeeper in a country where we did not yet enjoy such a privilege but where we had a clear objective. Italy is a country with a brutal football tradition and that is why we are proud to continue strengthening our bond in the country of the boot.

Simone is a 30-year-old Italian goalkeeper who came out of the quarry of the Atalanta of Bergamo and that he has played in teams such as Modena, Cagliari or Palermo among others. A goalkeeper with a great journey in the Serie A and Serie B from Italy that will surely help us to publicize our gloves among those passionate about the goal of the Italian country.

Welcome to #TwoFiveSquad Simone! We are very happy to add your talents to the team!