An exciting season is coming to an end in #LaLigaSmartBank with a great protagonist member of the #TwoFiveSquad: Jose Antonio Caro “Churripi”.

The Andalusian goalkeeper from Burgos CF has been one of the best goalkeepers in the category, and this is reflected in the numbers. HA Expensive He has been the goalkeeper who has managed to leave his goal the most times throughout the season, getting 0 clean sheets in the 21 games he has played.

In addition, Churripi has been the goalkeeper with the second most saves made in the entire league with a total of 123, which means an average of 3 saves per game, only surpassed by OScar Whalley from Lugo.

As for penalties, JA Caro has also been the goalkeeper who has managed to stop the most maximum penalties with a total of 2 saved penalties out of the 5 that have been thrown at him. It should be added that he has also been the only goalkeeper who has won the award for player of the month in LaLiga SmartBank.

For all of this, we want to congratulate Caro on a historic season that she will never forget. Proud that you have been able to demonstrate your level and that you have done it with gloves TwoFive in the hands.