The new ones are here Spain'82 2024. In this way, a new version of one of the brand's most important gloves arrives. The España'82 line was born as a tribute to the World Cup that was held in the national territory in 1982 and currently has 2 models of gloves in honor of three Spanish venues and cities: Madrid'82 Pro y Barcelona'82 Pro.

As you well know, in TwoFive We take great care of the details and for this reason, all gloves receive names and/or an aesthetic that honors the event of the line in question. In addition, this new collection of España'82 Pro are the brand's first gloves manufactured in EUROPA. Manufacturing "at home" was a primary objective for us and we are very proud to be able to affirm that the new España'82 Pro are gloves designed in Spain and manufactured on European soil, which reduces the carbon footprint and makes them one of the few Spanish gloves made in Europe.

Regarding its history and design, starting with the Madrid'82 Pro; These honor the Spanish capital, one of the main venues of the tournament. In Madrid, the matches of Group B of the second phase were experienced, a group formed by West Germany, England and Spain, the host. In addition, the grand final of the tournament between Italy and West Germany was played in Madrid. In that final, we were able to experience a great performance by the German goalkeeper Harald schumacher dressed in red, like the new Madrid'82 Pro. In addition, other great goalkeepers wore that color throughout the 1982 World Cup in Spain, goalkeepers like mehdi cerbah (Algeria) and Jean Luc Ettori (France).

Harald Schumacher and Jean-Luc Ettori

The other model in the line, the Barcelona'82 Pro honors the city of Barcelona and its two World Cup venues: The Camp Nou, Barça stadium, and the Sarri Stadiumà, home of RCD Espanyol. The group A matches (Poland, Soviet Union and Belgium) and the group C matches (Italy, Brazil and Argentina) were played in Barcelona. The blue color of the Barcelona'82 Pro glove honors the great teams that wore blue, such as Italy or Argentina. In addition, the starting goalkeeper of the Spanish team, Louis Arconada, wore light blue in the national team's matches in said World Cup. It is for this reason that the new Barcelona'82 Pro have been dressed in the same color in honor of one of the great goalkeepers in the history of our football.

Luis Miguel Arconada during a World Cup match in Spain'82