It's official! arrives at TwoFive a new special edition of a glove that, since its launch, has enchanted everyone #TwoFiveSquad: The Los Angeles'94 WhiteOut. This new model is a special edition of the current Los Angeles'94 Pro in which a "restyling" of the back has been done, removing all the color tones and creating a completely white edition of the Los Angeles'94.

Glove Los Angeles '94 honors the Rose Bowl, a stadium that hosted the matches in Angelino territory. In the Rose Bowl, a stadium with a capacity for 92.600 people (the stadium with the largest capacity in the 94 World Cup) part of the Group A (Romania, Switzerland, United States and Colombia) and Group B (Brazil, Sweden, Russia and Cameroon) matches were played ). The first match played in that stadium was Colombia 1-3 Romania with a spectacular performance by Răducioiu, Milan's Romanian striker.

In addition, the World Cup final was played in Los Angeles in an exciting match between Brazil and Italy that ended up being decided on penalties with Roberto Baggio's last mistake in the fifth penalty that gave victory to the Brazilian team. In this batch we were lucky enough to see two great goalkeepers in action; Taffarel (Brazil) and Pagliuca (Italy).

Cláudio Taffarel and Gianluca Pagliuca walk together towards the goal before the penalty shootout that decided the World Cup final in favor of Brazil.

Regarding the technical specifications, both models are mounted in cut ErgoRoll and they use palm ContactGrip maximum grip. The back uses natural latex that provides a great feeling of comfort for the hand inside the glove. Furthermore, with technology Anti-Slip, micromovements of the hand are avoided. The closure uses the technology Traditional Latex Strap with a customization window.