It's already a reality... TwoFive will also be VERY well represented at the queens league Oysho. After the success of the Kings League, since TwoFive We also wanted to be present in the Queens League in one more action towards equality, a value that is very present in the entire team.

After a lot of work and preparation, we can make it official that you will see many gloves TwoFive in the first ever edition of the Queens League. These are the 13 brave goalkeepers who have opted for us and will accompany us in this incredible experience:

  1. Anna Armengol (Las Troncas FC)
  2. Irene Melero (Kunitas)
  3. Ariadna Saez (Aniquiladoras FC)
  4. Roberta Ana Archibald (Rayo from Barcelona)
  5. Erica Ruiz (The Neighborhood)
  6. Judith Jones (1K FC)
  7. Ainoa Diaz (Jijantas FC)
  8. Mireia Naigel (Kunitas)
  9. Andrea Santaularia (The Neighborhood)
  10. Anna Lucia Tan (Jijantas FC)
  11. Andrea Amil (Rayo from Barcelona)
  12. Nuria Gonzales (Pio FC)
  13. Laura Vilaseca (Ultimate Mostoles)

You can find all the information about the Queens League and the development of our sponsored goalkeepers at the following link: