Today, Saturday, October 14, the first finals in the history of the Kings Cup and the Queens Cup are held. In a legendary Spanish football stadium, La Rosaleda, home of Málaga CF, 6 teams will seek glory and be crowned as the first champions in the history of the Kings League KO tournament.

First of all, we want to thank once again all the sponsored goalkeepers and goalkeepers of TwoFive in the Kings and Queens League for believing in the brand and representing us so well in all competitive matches. To those of you who have not qualified for the finals, cheer up and keep fighting. We will always be by your side.

In these finals of the Kings and Queens Cup we will have a lot of representation from #TwoFiveSquad. All the male goalkeepers who will step onto the pitch at La Rosaleda are members TwoFive. Good luck and good luck to our 5 represented:

Pol Zapata (Annihilators)

Xavi Morales (Annihilators)

Manu Molina (FC Trunks)

Sep Corderas (FC Trunks)

Victor Vidal (Ultimate Mostoles)

As for the girls, we will have two great representatives of the #TwoFiveSquad in the Queens Cup finals. We wish you both good luck, we will be supporting you from home:

Nuri Garcia (Saiyans FC)

Nuria Gonzalez (Pio FC)