Comes to TwoFive a great novelty that will revolutionize great things in the brand. The new line of gloves is born ADVANCE!

In this way, in TwoFive we will go from having two ranges of gloves to having 3. The old classification of PRO-REPLICA will now become PRO-ADVANCE-BASIC. In this way, we expand and better specify the gloves TwoFive adding greater technical quality to the Advance range in relation to the old Replica.

Let's go in parts... First of all, the Range PRO It does not undergo any change since it will continue to be called the same, it will continue to have the same price ranges and the quality will be the same (knowing that our product is better every time thanks to experience and the passing of the seasons).

The first change appears with the birth of the Range ADVANCE. This new range of gloves will be made up of high quality gloves that will improve the old range REPLICA of the brand since they will have palms with great grip. The difference with the PRO Range will be in small technical details such as synthetic latex on the back instead of the natural latex that some models of the PRO Range have. The price will be lower than the PRO ones and similar to the prices of the high-end gloves. replica in the past. In other words, a higher quality mid-range (high) is born at a similar price than the old low-end range of TwoFive.

Finally, the new Range BASIC, as its name suggests, will accommodate mid-range gloves at an incredible price. In other words, the ancient gloves REPLICA they will be called BASIC and their price will be reduced.

In short, a new category is born in TwoFive with the aim that all the porters have a place in the brand and thus we can satisfy all the possible needs existing in the market.

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