Comes to TwoFive DURBAN, a new city corresponding to a very special event for Spanish football, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The name of the glove honors one of the most important venues in the world, Durban and Moses Mabhida Stadium, a place where emblematic matches were played, such as the Portugal-Brazil group stage or the semifinal between Germany and Spain, which the national team won with a goal by Carles Puyol coming off a corner. the color of the Durban'10 Pro honors great goalkeepers who wore black at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, goalkeepers like Stekelenburg (Netherlands) or Eduardo dos Reis Carvalho (Portugal).

The latter starred in one of the best individual performances in the World Cup in Durban in the group match between his team, Portugal, and Brazil, one of the competition's favourites. Eduardo, dressed entirely in black and with a silver name and number, made great interventions that allowed Portugal to add 1 essential point to go to the round of XNUMX as second classified. It is for this reason that the Durban'10 Pro, new glove that arrives in the collection of TwoFive, is dressed entirely in black with silver touches.

Regarding the technical specifications of the glove, the new Durban'10 Pro It arrives with certain technical changes in relation to its companion in the collection, the Johannesburg'10 Pro. One of the most important changes appears in the closure of the glove. The Durban'10 Pro reach TwoFive with the scoop of being the brand's first gloves to use the technology Strapless Fit Technology, thus being a glove without closure strips that fits perfectly to the wrist. The back material is Knit, an elastic fabric that adheres perfectly to the hand, giving the goalkeeper a second-skin feeling. 

Like the Johannesburg, the negative cut and the palm with latex ContactGrip with a professional performance grip. The technology is also maintained on the back 3D Rubber Reinforcement with rubber inserts in strategic areas that mitigate the impact of the ball during punches clearance actions. The internal gel is also still present Anti-Slip, technology that reduces micro-movements of the hand inside the glove. 

The Durban'10 Pro It is a new glove that arrives at TwoFive to expand one of the most important football events for Spanish football. We are sure that at #TwoFiveSquad you will like this new glove with so much history and elegance.

It is time to step up and join the #TwoFiveSquad from the hand of a glove and a flagship event of the brand!

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