They come to TwoFive the new 2023 designs from a very special line; the line of Poland-Ukraine 2012. This collection honors the 2012 Euro Cup and two of its venues: Kiev y warsaw. This event was very special for Spanish football as it was the culmination of a glorious stage for "la roja" by achieving a historic milestone in football: winning two Euro Cups and one World Cup in a row.

En Kiev, one of the most important venues of the event and the place where the final of the tournament was played, great moments full of emotion were experienced. The kyiv Olympic was the venue where part of the Group D matches were played, made up of Ukraine (the host), Sweden, England and France, the first two teams being two teams that wear yellow, a touch of color that appears in the Kiev'12 of the new collection. Also, in Kiev one of the surprises of the tournament took place; Sweden's victory over France by 2 goals to 0, the first being a true work of art by the Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This glove is an honor to that headquarters and to the Ukrainian flag.

Another iconic moment in the Ukrainian capital was the quarter-final penalty shootout between England and Italy, in which “La Squadra Azzurra” emerged victorious 2-4 on aggregate with a Gigi Buffon stopping an important penalty to Ashley Cole.

Furthermore, Kiev the final of the tournament was played between the Spain of Iker Casillas and the Italy of Buffon. That game was won by “la roja” 4-0 goals to zero with Iker Casillas dressed in yellow. At the end of the game we could see great gestures of sportsmanship between both teams and a nice hug between the two goalkeepers that will go down in football history.

Iker Casillas and Gianlugi Buffon after the final in kyiv

En warsaw, one of the most important venues of the event and the place where the opening match was played, there were great moments full of emotion. The National Stadium in Warsaw was the venue where part of the Group A matches made up of Poland (the host), Greece, Russia and the Czech Republic were played, most of them being teams that wore red colors, a touch of color that appears in the Varsovia'12 of the new collection. In the opening game in warsaw between Poland and Greece there was one of the most iconic moments of the European Championships in terms of goal. What happened? The match ended in a draw thanks to the saving of a penalty from Przemysław Tyton, substitute goalkeeper from Poland who came onto the pitch due to the expulsion of Szczesny in the final stretch of the match.

Another iconic moment lived in warsaw it was the second semifinal of the tournament. A tough match between Germany and Italy in which "La squadra Azzurra" certified their passage to the final. In this match we could see two of the great goalkeepers of the tournament, New y Buffon, both dressed in red like our Warsaw'12 gloves Replica.

Manuel Neuer and Gianlugi Buffon after the semi-final in Warsaw