We are very happy to announce an incredible “alliance” with KVegas Academy, an entity created exclusively by goalkeepers that enjoys the advantage of not being linked to any club or body. From KVegas Academy They are dedicated to the training of goalkeepers, parents and coaches, focusing above all on the emotional aspects, an element that represents a very high percentage of the goalkeeper's success in the game.

This academy is led by Kiko vegas, director of KVegas Academy and professional exporter of clubs such as CD Málaga, Villarreal CF and CD Numancia among others. The long history of the KVegas Academy has proven the effectiveness of the KVegas method emotional training and PISCA program of personal growth, which are currently developing goalkeepers from grassroots football to 1st division. Strengthening character together with learning values ​​are two of the many aspects that characterize the work carried out at the Kiko Vegas academy and that lead to sporting and personal success in their "Leading Factory".

From TwoFive We are very excited to formalize this agreement, from which we will both come out very strengthened and benefited. The mental aspect is an element of capital importance for a goalkeeper although many times it is not talked about. Joining a totally pioneering academy in this training field is an honor and a new journey that we are very excited to start.