Very happy to announce the arrival of a new advance model of the Korea-Japan'02 line of gloves in honor of the 2002 World Cup: The Ulsan'02 Advance. The 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan is one of the great World Cups in history that leaves us with great historical memories such as Ronaldo's transgressive haircut or the "suspicious" refereeing that Spain received against the host, Korea.

The new Ulsan honor one of the most important venues of the event and its main stadium; he Ulsan World Cup. Group A (Denmark, Senegal, Uruguay and France) and Group C (Brazil, Turkey, Costa Rica and China) matches were played at this venue. In Ulsan we experienced great matches like the quarterfinals between Germany and the United States, a match that the Germans won 1-0. The blue touch of the Ulsan is a small tribute to two great teams that played in blue in Ulsan: Uruguay and the United States, one of the revelations of the tournament.